Terms of Service

By purchasing and/or using nikowebber.com you agree to the following:


1. Product(s) purchased cannot be redistributed at any time
2. P
roduct(s) cannot be resold.
3. The product(s) may not be edited at any time after the revision period. If you feel a revision or edit is necessary after this time please contact our support team.
4. The product(s) have a no refund policy. Questions may be asked before buying.
5. All product questions must be brought to the Design Team Attention
6. The product(s) can only be used by the Signing Parties’ Community. The signing Party has the right to change the community where the product(s) is used but it must be used in ONLY 1 community at any time and prior notice of community change must be provided to us.
7. Support on the product(s) is not obligated by the Meltz & Webber Designs Team (when no subscription is active), but support can be provided where possible. Support will only be provided if you have a customer role & channel in the Meltz & Webber Designs Discord
8. Do not be involved with leaking. If caught leaking anybody involved will be banned from The Discord Designs Union and customers will get their products disabled. (This includes leaking discords or on leaking websites.)
9. Customers who use an edited version of a product without permission will receive punishment. (License removal, Disabling products, and user account)
10. Viewing the requirements and documentation before buying a product is required.

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